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In 2023, EEI was voted as a top 10 moving company in the area of Rochester, MN!

More than just exercise equipment movers

When it comes to moving, installing, or providing tune-ups for your exercise equipment, EEI: Exercise Equipment Installation is the ultimate choice. With years of experience handling the industry's leading brands of treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and home gyms, we've earned a solid reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and top-tier maintenance for your exercise equipment. Plus, we also offer sauna installation services!

Here's what we do!

Ensuring a smooth relocation process for your equipment is our priority, and we're committed to keeping you well-prepared and at ease throughout every stage. Trust in our specialized exercise equipment handling, guarenteting your belongings are securely prepared and strapped for a safe journey.

  • Residential Disassemble and Re-Install: Moving or relocating your exercise equipment to a new location within your home? If you are moving home to home or within your home, we have the expertise for a seamless and professional transition. 

  • Commercial Installation: Whether setting up a new gym or renovating your current space, we ensure a smooth move, delivering precisely tailored fitness solutions. 

  • Brand New Installation: Ordering equipment online can be overwhelming, especially when you have to build it, but we're here to guide you every step. We provide out-of-the-box moves and installations for a hassle-free experience.

  • Move Preparation: At EEI, we come to your location to professionally disassemble and shrink wrap the appropriate parts, ensuring a protected move to minimize the chance of losing parts. 

  • Transportation: Once we finish the transition preparation, we will provide a secure transport to your new location. Your equipment will be moved in our EEI work vehicles. 

  • Installation and Set Up: Following the transportation of your equipment, our team will take charge of installation, placement, and thorough testing to ensure its optimal functionality. 

  • Equipment Tune Up: Once your equipment is precisely arranged, we'll fine-tune each component. We provide the ultimate experience by having everything function as smoothly as it can.

  • Room Design and Layout: We dedicate ourselves to aligning your equipment with your needs and optimizing your space for functionality and aesthetics. Our team provides expert insights on creative room design and layout, strategically placing each piece of equipment for a tailored and inviting environment.

  • Project Management: Our project management ensures open communication, efficiency in our work, excellent customer service, and extensive knowledge. 


Disassembly & Re-Install

EEI professionals take immense pride in the services they provide. Our seasoned experts have years of experience in disassembling, relocating, setting up, adjusting, and ensuring your equipment is primed and ready for action in its new location.

Full Service Set-Up

EEI understands that exercise equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and home gyms can be bulky, heavy, and challenging to transport and install. Let our expert team at EEI shoulder that burden for you. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including assembly, disassembly, installation, and tune-ups.

Project Management

With years of experience in the moving and installation industry, EEI has perfected a straightforward and efficient process to guarantee a stress-free relocation. Place your trust in our experts to manage every detail of your project, from room layout and flooring selection to overseeing the move and installation, ensuring a seamless transition.




op notch communication and an impressively fast service. We are glad we trusted EEI with our treadmill move and tune-up. Chris went above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction!

Daniel B

Minneapolis, MN

November 2023

I called Chris on a project to take a big 4 stage excersice equipment out of basement living room. The machine had way too many moving parts and hardware for me to work with but for them it was no challenge. Chris and Steve got it done and brought to my warehouse within a couple hours. And the best part is they will pick it up when needed and they will set it up back in the home as well as tuning it up and making sure everything is working fine. When you invest that much money into big workout equipment making sure you have the right company to handle the equipment is a must and Chris is the right guy to call.

Amir E

Minneapolis, MN

April 2023

I am very happy I used EEI to move my treadmill and elliptical machine. Chris and Steve were great! They were professional and friendly and knew what they were doing. I appreciate that they knew and understood how to take apart the machines, put them back together and tune them up. I highly recommend using EEI if you have exercise machines that need to be moved!


Minnetonka, MN

December 2022

just want to say Thank you to Chris & Chad they were very professional and responsive. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone looking for exercise equipment maintenance, repair, and moving.

Frank A

Minneapolis, MN

January 2023

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