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Our mission is to provide professional, reliable, and efficient services to keep your body moving wherever you go.

Residential Installation

Planning a move and need your exercise equipment seamlessly transferred to your new home? Look no further! If you're envisioning a change in location from upstairs to downstairs or any other specific arrangement, we've got the expertise to make it happen smoothly.

Commercial Installation

For smooth exercise equipment transitions, trust us! Whether establishing a new gym or revamping your space, our expertise ensures an efficient move, empowering your commercial area with tailored fitness solutions. Let us handle the heavy lifting!

Brand New Installation

Navigating the world of online equipment orders can be overwhelming, but fear not—we're here to guide you every step of the way! If uncertainty lingers, rest assured that we offer out-of-the-box installations, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Sauna Installation

Sauna installation requires careful planning and execution. Installing walls, benches, and heater placement follows precise measurements and safety guidelines. Adding finishing touches like seating and aesthetics completes the installation, creating a space for relaxation. It demands attention to detail, safety protocols, and expert craftsmanship to deliver a peaceful and functional sauna experience.


Following the careful shrink-wrapping process, we'll securely transport your equipment using our specialized EEI work van, ensuring a journey where safety and protection are most important. Our experienced team takes pride in handling every item with the utmost care, guaranteeing a smooth and damage-free transition for your valuable equipment.

Move Preparation

At EEI, we will come to your location to carefully prepare your equipment. Our expert team will disassemble and shrink-wrap each item, guaranteeing a secure and damage-free move. We handle every aspect of the preparation process with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your equipment arrives at its destination in optimal condition.

Installation and Set-Up

After transporting your equipment, our team will take care of installation, setup, and thorough testing to ensure its optimal functionality. We're committed to delivering a comprehensive service that provides you with a hassle-free and fully functional fitness environment.

Room Design and Layout

We're committed to ensuring that your equipment perfectly aligns with your needs. Whether it's putting together a home gym or a commercial fitness facility, our professionals will expertly guide you. Expect strategic placement of each piece of equipment, enhancing the overall appeal of your fitness space. With our assistance, you'll enjoy a tailored room design that seamlessly integrates your exercise equipment.

Equipment Tune-Up

Once your equipment is precisely arranged in your preferred location, we'll fine-tune each component, leaving your equipment operating as smoothly as if it were brand new! Our goal is to have everything functioning just like new, providing you with an optimal and satisfying experience!

Project Management

Our project management empowers us to ensure efficiency in our work, excellent customer service, extensive knowledge, and open communication. This structure not only optimizes our workflow but also ensures client satisfaction by consistently delivering projects on time and within budget.

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